Jaabaar Participates in 7th Iran Transaction Exhibition

The 7th Iran Transaction Exhibition was held in Tehran from Jan 11th to 12th, 2022; aiming at developing the businesses in the post-sanctions period and paving the way for Iran to gain its global market share.

Iran Transaction Exhibition is a B2B and B2G exhibition in the field of finance technologies, which is held annually by the Faba Center in cooperation with the banking and payment industry. Iran Transaction Exhibition is one of the most specialized gatherings in the field of monetary and financial technologies in the country. In this exhibition, banks, e-payment companies, financial institutes, public service providers, entrepreneurs and start-ups will participate and present their latest achievements to the visitors.

In line with its digital logistics mission, Jaabaar Co. unveiled the first generation of smart lockers on a secure platform supported by video surveillance and monitoring in the 7th Iran Transaction Exhibition. Jaabaar Smart Locker is a secure electronic safe for storing postal items and packages purchased through e-commerce. For example, when you make a purchase from an online store through e-commerce, If you are not at home, you can request that your package be placed in a locker. Packages based on their size and weight can reserve a place in the locker and then, a secure code is sent to the recipient and the postman, and they can open the box. The whole system is built on a secure infrastructure that cannot be penetrated. It should be noted that this locker is a smart box that can be controlled remotely; thus it has a lot of applications.

“Transaction” exhibition is held with the aim of providing the necessary platform for Iranian industries to get acquainted with the achievements of domestic companies and also to create a suitable environment for interaction with the world and export of technology. The exhibition was also attended by a number of high-ranking government officials, senior managers of Iran’s banking institutes and information technology companies.

It is worth mentioning that the 7th Iran Transaction Exhibition was held with lectures by more than 100 managers and specialists in the form of meetings and roundtables, product launch workshops, start-up meetings, banking courses, etc. at Laleh Hotel and Afarinesh Center. The event comprised exhibition, roundtables and meetings, product launch workshops, modern banking, festival of fame, innovation and startups festival, environmental advertising as well as B2B and B2G dialogue among managers, experts and entrepreneurs in the finance sector.

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7th Iran Transaction Exhibition
تاریخ: 2022-04-06