What is Locker

Get to know JaaBaar

A locker is an electronic smart box installed in certain locations whose main function is collecting, protecting, maintaining and delivering all types of consignments (including documents, parcels, packages, cargos, personal belongings etc. in a specified weight and size range) easily and conveniently to individuals and businesses 24/7. JaaBaar is a platform who manages lockers’ network and users’ parcels.

Smart lockers help post & logistics operators to manage their resources in a smart and efficient manner so as by increasing their productivity, more consignments could be delivered to recipients simultaneously moreover, the recipients can plan the time and the place of the delivery of their parcels.

In a smart city, traffic can be reduced by the use of smart lockers; they also can have a positive effect on the environment. Smart lockers are generally used for standard parcels and packets and can lodge small, medium and large parcels inside themselves.

Smart lockers are positioned on the edges of a postal network and can lodge the consignments based on the request of sender, recipient or logistics companies; thus enable the optimum management of the delivery time of the parcels.

What is  jaabaar Locker

Features of JaaBaar Smart Lockers

Response | We are always with our customers by providing 24-hour support
Versatile | JaaBaar Lockers in various sizes accept most packages
Advanced | Flexible API allows integrated integration with Jabar or order locker management software
Safe | Equipped with video surveillance and photography system
Accessable| We provide easy access for all users
Strong | Reinforced steel structures coated with steel powder protect packages from various elements

JaaBaar App. Features

Users’ Management & Roles
Tariff management
SLA Management
Smart Booking
Order Management
Smart Lockers Network Management
Geographical Area Management
Financial Management
Credit & Wallet Management
Payment Management
Practical reports for postal operators

JaaBaar Hardware Specifications

Damage proof body

Jaabaar smart locker body is made up of galvanized sheet resistant to various weather conditions and of course suitable for indoor environments

Theft proof locks

In making Jaabaar smart lockers, various safety standards in terms of body material, type of electronic locks and their resistance to shock and impact have been applied.


The use of proprietary industrial control boards designed by iranian experts has given high flexibility and modularity to smart lockers produced by Jaabaar

Locker dimensions

Locker dimensions are designed based on the dimensions of postal packages and their rate of use in this industry

Security & Reliability

24-Hour monitoring via CCTVs to ensure the security of smart lockers & parcels


Due to the novelty of this business in our country, the first generation of Jaabaar smart lockers are offered with touchscreens to provide easier interaction for users.