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About E-Lock

E-Lock is a comprehensive software platform for locker network and order management. This platform is able to add the locker option as the origin or destination of a postal parcel via API connection to the couriers’ platform. By booking the locker at the desired time and geographical location through this infrastructure, the sender and recipient of the consignment will be able to easily manage the parcel’s delivery time. The service-based design of this system allows all types of parcel acceptance ports with different technologies (web-based or application-based) to benefit from the services of Jaabaar Smart Lockers.

Due to the importance of protecting customer privacy, postal operators can book lockers through the services provided by Jaabaar and receive information related to loading and unloading lockers from the E-Lock system. Relevant specific codes are generated for both sender and recipient through the E-Lock and are provided to the postal staff and their customers.

In case of need for payment-related services for postpaid or CoD packages, the E-Lock directs the customer to the payment gateway announced by the courier before opening the locker door, and after payment is done, will allow the customer to collect the parcel.

From a business perspective, this software infrastructure easily supports the execution of multiple locker booking scenarios based on a variety of parameters such as locker position, use time, parcel size and so on. The system is designed in such a way that different types of locker management hardware can be defined and implemented. All hardware brands are supported.

E-Lock Key Features

This flexible platform enables the management of the network of lockers and orders through the following capabilities:

• Roles & users management

• Tariff management

• SLA management

• Intelligent booking management

• Contract management

• Order management

• Smart locker network management

• Geographical areas management

• Financial Management

• Credit and wallet management

• Payment management

• Reports for couriers

From the perspective of postal and e-commerce customers, the addition of the locker option as a point of acceptance or package delivery is easily done through an integrated and connected system, and this type of customer interaction provides a pleasant experience.

The technical capabilities of E-Lock facilitate flexible business interaction with postal and e-commerce operators. The technical documentation of the system makes the connection in the shortest time possible and provides the benefit of Jaabaar smart locker services easily.

• Office and residential compounds

• Banks, finance and credit institutions

• Approved C (Iran Bar Association, Iran Engineering Organization, Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran)

• Cultural centers / cinema compounds / municipalities

• Universities, educational, research and study institutes, science and technology parks, industrial towns

• Mobile Lockers

• Health centers (University of Medical Sciences, Hospitals, Clinics, etc.)

• Religious and pilgrimage venues

• Judicial Centers (Courts, Dispute Settlement Councils)

• Recreation and sports centers

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