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Collaboration Between National Post Company and Jaabaar Company (Smart Locker) in Smartening Postal Services

The joint project between the National Post and Jaabaar Company (smart locker) was unveiled during an event at the headquarters of the 15th district of the Tehran post office on the same day as World Post Day.

Mohammad Ahmadi, technical operations vice president of the National Post Company, congratulated World Post Day and stated that the two key priorities of the company are enhancing public accessibility and smartening the postal system. He said, “It is crucial to pay special attention to and improve these two elements to provide better and higher-quality postal services to shape the industry’s dimensions. This goal cannot be attained without cooperation between the public and private sectors.”

Ahmadi mentioned that efforts to provide technical and legal infrastructure have increased in the last four months. He stated, “In this case, focusing on optimal interaction and transport strategy between the public and private sectors is of paramount importance.” He added, “Collaborations with Jaabaar Company and other active corporations in this domain provide the foundations for constructive interaction and providing better services.”

He added, “In the first phase of this procedure, we use the box’s distribution capacities, and hopefully, we get to the delivery desk phase as soon as possible.” As the event proceeded, Ramin Samizadeh, CEO of Jabar Company, highlighted the productive and intriguing interactions between the two companies and said, “We hope to advance hand in hand to assist people with their businesses.”

He stated that the company offered postal services to businesses in compliance with international procedures such as digital transformation, smartening, and personalization. He then added, “The company has been implementing these approaches for the past three years, striving to protect the environment and work towards sustainable development.”

Samizadeh stated that Jaabaar’s mission is to develop a network of smart lockers to complete the value chains of posts, logistics, and e-commerce with an ecosystem approach and said, “In addition to couriers, we also have good associations and interactions with online stores, order carriers, and platforms. From this point forward, these interactions will only continue to grow, and by the second half of the year, Jaabaar locker services will be available in most centers of provinces.”

Samizadeh said, “In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving technological era, customers should not have to wait long for their packages to arrive. We should be able to manage the time and place of delivery as much as possible. This approach would lead to flexibility, customer comfort, and respect for customer privacy, all of which are drawn from the idea of personalization.”

“Couriers responsible for transporting packages are on the other side of this discussion,” he added. “For customers to receive their packages in specified areas, the postal service distribution company should place packages at these specified sites rather than distributing them to various locations. All of these imply the importance of Jaabaar’s smart box.”

He mentioned that currently there are 106 operational Jaabaar in 53 stations in Tehran and four other cities and said, “These statistics will be doubled by the end of the following year, and in two years there will be 980 Jaabaar throughout Iran.” Samizadeh again emphasized personalization benefits and added that this service provides flexibility in postal services in time and location for people and businesses. He then added, “In addition to being easy to use, these services also contribute to a reduction in traffic and air pollution.

He continued, “We are prepared to work and collaborate with the national post company in all postal service sectors.”

Mahmoud Liai, Deputy Minister, Chairman of the Board, and CEO of the Iran Post Company, expressed hope that the company can provide top-quality smart postal services by increasing the number of smart lockers nationwide. He said, “We want to be able to provide postal services at people’s residences instead of requiring them to go to post offices.”

Liai suggested that by placing these lockers in residential areas, the promise is relatively fulfilled. He said, “Hopefully, in the next phases, these lockers will be placed in other populated areas and residential settlements.

He suggested investing in hardware infrastructure to increase service in this domain. The CEO of the Iran Post Company remarked that many countries have followed this path and stated, “By utilizing Iranian intelligence and taste, we should be able to provide more specialized services.”

He concluded his speech by saying, “We hope to hold this event in other provinces of the country in the following year.”


تاریخ: 2023-10-17