Installation Location

Choosing the right place for smart lockers is very important. Ideally, the smart locker is installed on the site wall at appropriate distances from the facing walls as well as the sides of the device. To prepare the installation site for smart devices, it is important to first select the appropriate floor. In the next step, the conditions of strength and smoothness of the walls and floor related to the installation must be observed. Other requirements of the site such as proper antenna of separate power distribution network and conditions of electric earth. It is recommended that indoor devices be placed on the site so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. Surveillance security issues such as smart locker coverage should be observed by the site’s cameras and also the relevant site should have sufficient physical security.

Temperature and Humidity

  • Temperatures between 10 and 40 Celsius or 50 to 104 Fahrenheit
  • Ambient humidity between 20% to 80%

Electrical Standards

  • Alternating voltage 220 volts
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Earth is required

Network Conditions

Due to the fact that smart lockers are connected to one of the domestic operators of the country by a wireless modem, so that the antenna conditions are very important.


Installing radio frequency devices such as the following devices near the device can cause disruption

TV, air conditioner, neon lights, refrigerator,…

Distance Standards

  • Distance from the left and right wall 20 cm
  • Distance from the ceiling 40 cm
  • Facing distance 100 cm