JaaBaar Upcoming Services

Incoming Consignments Distribution Services Originated in the Airports

Residential Joint Mailbox

Availability of some smart lockers at key locations throughout the cities to install incoming parcels instead of referring to airports.

Residential Joint Mailbox is, among others, one of the JaaBaar’s Products; To use JaaBaar services just visit your building’s main lobby. Improving customer journey as well as the quality of services is something we have focused on. Moreover if  e-commerce and transportation companies utilize JaaBaar smart lockers, their distribution, warehousing and return costs will decline.

Smart Lockers Annual Rental

Consignment Delivery Service for Businesses

Alternative Delivery Services

Couriers can benefit this service as collection/delivery points in locations where they do not have offices.

The businesses deliver their parcels 24/7 in places where smart lockers are installed then, the couriers collect them in the appropriate time to drop them off at their destination.

choosing the locker as the recipient’s alternative (additional) address.