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Tipax & Jaabaar Kick Off Pilot Operation

 Tipax & Jaabaar Kick Off Pilot Operation

On Monday, Feb 22st, 2022, a joint meeting was held between the members of the Board of Directors of Fakher Holdings, Tipax and Jaabaar with the aim of forming a bilateral cooperation between Jaabaar Company and Tipax enabling the customers of Tipax to access the classic services of Jaabaar Smart Lockers.

At this meeting, the connection between Jaabaar “E-Lock” platform with “My Tipax” (Tipax online order registration portal) will be finalized on a pilot basis and this cooperation will end on March 6th, 2022.

From now on, it will be possible to optimally manage the time and place of delivery of postal items of Tipax users, through “Jaabaar Smart Lockers”. In other words, Jaabaar Smart Lockers are considered as parcel delivery points for Tipax. Through the My Tipax and the E-Tipax platforms, the customer is able to, if willing, register a package delivery request at the Jaabaar designated points. Having selected the delivery point, the parcel will be placed in Jaabaar smart lockers through Tipax postmen at the specified time; then the customer receives a unique code (via SMS) and can collect their parcel from Jaabaar lockers.

 Jaabaar lockers.

تاریخ: 2022-04-06