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With the help of JaaBaar services post, logistics, couriers and also e-commerce companies can benefit from the efficiency and the optimal time and cost management in First- and Last-Mile delivery. One of the main advantages of JaaBaar over traditional methods is the delivering or the collecting of the parcels to/from a specific locker thus, instead of delivering / collecting of multiple parcels to/from several points relatively close to each other, the postman leaves them in the specific lockers of that location.

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JaaBaar Services

By using JaaBaar services, you decide to check your shipment on a specific day and time, at the place where you must pass.

Advantages of using JaaBaar

High Security and Reliability
The only person who is informed when a parcel is delivered to the locker is the customer themselves because having delivered a parcel to the locker a notification is generated and sent only to the recipient and no one else. As long as this notification is not transferred to someone else, only you can collect the parcel from the locker. In this regard, one can claim that the most secure way of sending and receiving the consignments is the smart lockers.
Smart lockers are easy to use. Reservation and the use of smart lockers is easily done through the mobile phone applications. On their way, users can deliver/collect their parcels to/ from the lockers within seconds.
Contactless Process
During the Covid-19 pandemic, in which the social distancing is of highest importance, the use of smart lockers has been highly justifiable. Sending and receiving the consignments is done with no contact between people. The user do not even need to contact the locker itself.
Customizable Lockers
Design, color and material of the locker can be adapted to the place in which the smart locker is to be installed. In this respect, the lockers can be regarded as complementary to the interior design.
Saving the Space
By using the smart lockers there is no longer need to dedicate a space to the personal belongings of individuals i.e., by allocating a space the size of a smart locker, large amounts of personal belongings and equipment can be stored.
Saving Time and Cost
By saving the time and the efficiency of couriers, smart lockers not only help save their costs but also increase their income. Moreover, smart lockers save the transportation (fuel) as well as the delivery costs. Among others, decreasing the return costs for both customers and couriers is one of the main advantages of using smart lockers. Sending and receiving consignments 24/365: Due to the fact that the smart lockers are automated and unmanned systems, it is possible to use them throughout the year (round the clock and the holidays). This is one of the countless advantages of smart lockers that traditional postal systems do not offer.

Features of JaaBaar Smart Lockers

Response | We are always with our customers by providing 24-hour support
Versatile | JaaBaar Lockers in various sizes accept most packages
Advanced | Flexible API allows integration with JaaBaar locker/order management software
Safe | Equipped with video surveillance and photography system
Available | We provide easy access for all users
Strong | Reinforced steel structures coated with steel powder protect packages from various elements