How it Works

In this service, the sender registers the order through the system of postal service companies.

The sender, in coordination with the recipient, selects the JaaBaar service as the delivery point and by entering the dimensions of the shipment and the destination address, observes available lockers which fit the dimensions of the shipment in the selected geographical area and books the locker.

If you choose to pay in advance, the payment process will be done by the sender and at the end, the locker reservation will be successful. After collecting the parcels from the sender’s location, the couriers, while receiving the access code to the locker, proceed to load the parcels in the locker booked at the destination.

Having loaded the parcels, the locker address, reservation expiration date and locker access code will be sent to the recipient via SMS.

When referring to the locker, the recipient enters the locker access code.

In case of post-payment or COD, the recipient views the payment link and after the payment process is completed, the locked door reserved for the recipient will open. The recipient closes the locker door while removing the consignment.

Role of Locker in

Target Group

Last mile / Second Address

Sender Recipient The Courier

Advantages of JaaBaar as the Delivery Point

For Couriers
For Clients

Increase in Successful Sendings

Transportation Cost Reduction due to Multiple Deliveries at One Point

Increase in Courier Staff Efficiency

Optimizing Courier Staff Activities & Reducing Errors

Resolving the Concerns of Coordination with Courier Staff

Overcoming the Concerns of Being Available at the Determined Time

Possible Delivery of Parcels in Various Hours

Possible Delivery of Parcels in Various Locations & Addresses