Postal Offices

How it works

In this service, the sender goes to the postal office and delivers his parcel to the operator located in the office. The operator enters the information of the consignee, sender and recipient through the courier’s platform. The offer of delivery of the consignment to the recipient in the destination locker is given to the sender by the operator.

The sender coordinates with the recipient of the parcel and if the locker service is selected, the office operator selects the Jaabaar service at the destination in the courier’s platform. The Jaabaar platform, according to the dimensions of the shipment and the location of the destination, shows the free lockers in the geographical area of the destination in Tehran to the operator. The operator, in coordination with the sender, selects the free locker and requests the registration of the order.

In the case of advance payment, the payment process will be done by the sender at the courier’s office and in the end, the locker reservation will be successfully done.  After collecting the paracels from the courier’s offices, the couriers carry out the process of sending the parcels to Tehran.

Having received the locker access code, the couriers will deliver the shipment to the locker booked at the destination. After the delivery, the locker address, reservation expiration date and locker access code will be sent to the recipient via SMS. The recipient enters the locker access code after referring to the locker at the time of booking.

If you select post-paid or COD, you need to go to the payment link; after the completion of the payment process, the locker reserved for the recipient will be open. The recipient closes the locker door while removing the consignment. In the first phase (pilot) only envelopes and in the second phase packages will also be accepted.