ZBOOM 2022, Fakher Holdings First Step

ZBOOM 2022 is the first step taken by Fakher Holding. The ZBOOM 2022 with the aim of forming a comprehensive platform in the field of postal businesses, logistics, e-commerce and financial technologies, was held on Tuesday, Dec. 28th, 2022 with the presence of players and enthusiasts in these industries at the Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran.

According to TiNext Public Relations, this specialized event was held in the form of conferences, various specialized panels, exhibition and workshops and ended with the presentation of scientific and practical solutions to improve and empower the post, logistics, e-commerce and financial technologies industries. In the first part, an exhibition was held with the presence of all subsidiaries of Fakher Holding. TiNext, as the largest player in the field of urban logistics, also had an active presence in this exhibition.

The public was allowed to visit the exhibition in which the achievements of Fakher Holding were presented; the exhibition was also virtually streaming online so as those missing the event, were able to visit it online.

While visiting all the stands present in this exhibition, Dr. Mehrdad Fakher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fakher Holding, stated that Fakher Holding is a pioneer in the field of post and logistics in the country, adding: “Considering the importance of growth and development of these industries and their close relationship, the need for a platform to operate in an ecosystem is strongly felt; thus Fakher Holding paved the road for unveiling CLE for the first time in the country”.

While appreciating the efforts of all companies present in the exhibition, he said that one of the goals of this event was to connect the industries and their influencing factors as much as possible. Dr. Reza Samizadeh, CEO of Fakher Holding, Dr. Jamshid Nazemi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Tipax, Mr. Farzin Fardis, Founder of Pars Saman Group, and Dr. Zahed Sheikholeslami spoke at the ZBOOM 2022 Conference.  Three specialized panels with the titles of infrastructure panel, post and logistics panel and e-commerce panel were held with the presence of key figures in each field.

In the post and logistics panel, Mr. Hossein Rezaei, manager of Fakher Holding post and logistics cluster, Mr. Hamid Kalhor, planning and budget manager and member of the board of directors of TiNext, Reza Ayati, director of Tipax city network, Ali Afshar, CEO of TiExpress, Mohammad Reza Bazargan, CEO of TiExpress Mohammad Hossein Mazarei, Manager of Jaabaar Dept. of Supply and Mehrdad Mehrbod, Managing Director of Mahex, discussed the need to establish a CLE and the conditions for providing such platform in the country.

It should be noted that the ZBOOM 2022 was held on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the foundation of Fakher Holdings and its role in various businesses of the country.

تاریخ: 2022-04-06